This season, given the current restrictions and the difficulties attached to finding suitable venues and at the same time avoid being a “super spreader” event, the HVNC committee has decided that there will be no large presentation events, instead each team will be allocated up to $100 to spend on a team based end of season activity - for example, BBQ or picnic in a park, dinner at a restaurant or pub, pizza night or whatever suits your team.


Your coach will be in touch to organise this event with your team. These celebrations will be held on dates that fall after the grand final, as trophies will not be ready to collect until then. NB If your team wins the Grand Final all players receive a trophy, so we can’t finalise the trophies until these matches have occurred.


We are very sorry that we are not able to hold our usual celebrations, but unfortunately it is simply not practical in the current environment.

We will publish a full list of trophy winners on our Facebook page.